Candyce Owens Signs $10 Million Distribution Deal With Lions Gate For The Blexit Movement.

Word on the street is that Candyce Owens is actually Stacy Abrams niece. Supposedly they have a secret alliance with Tyler Perry, Killer Mike, and Lions Gate Studio's to promote a New Network Called Fox Soul!!!! Major, Supposedly,

Candace is the New CEO OF Fox Soul and Will Be Influential In Showcasing Conservative Values to a younger audience of viewers who are fed up with the permanent political class. She is a part of the Make American Genius Again KKamp.

Everyone In D.C. is wonderng, what will she do with her new bag?


When you look at the whole cycle of three generations you notice a distinct pattern. My mothers father owned a bar and restaurant. So she too knew that the poison of alcohol can poison your purpose, however she grew up watching her father get drunk along with a whole community every day. She does not abuse alcohol but she drinks it because she grew up in an environment where that was acceptable. Most adults in her life were able to manage to have a good life and a good night when they came to the club in Detroit which was the first black owned restaurant in the city. She watched her father make money off of selling alcohol all of his life, just like my fathers mother was trying to do. The only difference is my grandfather did drink occasionally and my grandmother never did drink at all. My father followed the model of his mother and my mother modeled the life of her father. However I was in the club doing the exact opposite of what I was taught. Here I was a top motivational speaker inside a hustlers night club with the biggest hustler of all with two drinks in my hand and Snoop Dogg and Ferrel’s drop it like its hot playing in the back ground. Because I knew the power of words I know that that was God telling me that I was dropping my standards. My father’s example taught me that. He had much more temptation than I had but he never lowered his standards once. So when you think about your dream, remember that it only takes a sip. Because I took a sip of a wine cooler as a child, when I got older and had the opportunity to drink liquor I tried it. The same thing applies with the growing children of today. If they grow up listening to their role models say things like I got a dream dream, no I didn’t say a drink then they too will begin to sip on their greatness at an early age just as I did because I grew up watching my father get people drunk off of motivational principals. It only takes a sip of positive energy for a child to grow up wanting to be exposed to positive books and films and friends that inspire them towards their life’s calling. So by the time the baby’s of tomorrows babies get here they will grow up learning all about dreams just like my father and mother grew up learning about alcohol. Not only that, but future generations will grow up knowing that dreaming brings more joy than drinking. I took a sip of my corvasier and to myself said thank you God. Because I had more than just a sip of positivity I knew that there was no way I was going to get so drunk that I would forget who I was. I was hanging out with this gangster so that I could reach the gangsters. Because gangsters don’t attend motivational seminars. I said that my dream was to be the best emcee on the planet and to have the number one video in the country. How is the top youth motivational speaker going to become the top rapper? The songs on the radio are so negative you seldom here a song that doesn’t have people getting drunk in the club. Most rappers act like getting drunk in the club is more important to them than making music. If it wasn’t then why wouldn’t they make music about other things besides getting drunk in the club. The only way that I was actually going to make songs that got spins in the club was by actually going to a club and seeing what gets the party started. The beats were great, but one thing’s for sure nobody was playing any music that says I got a dream. Dream, no I didn’t say a drink, so after that I had to put so don’t let the party stop just because a player thinks. I’m not criticizing people that drink, I’m just talking about something more important now. YOUR DREAM. In the words of D.L. Hugely quoting what he thought Jesus said right before he turned the water into wine, “Keep the party going”. If the Deejays don’t play this one just because I said that I got a dream, then the children of our children’s children are doomed. I was in the club its nothing wrong with a little variety. Some people go to the club and they don’t get drunk every day. How many songs honoring them get played on the speakers in the club. And most of the time the people that don’t go to the club to get drunk are the people that have the most fun, until their drunk friend embarrasses them by not caring about over drinking. Until they get so drunk that they can’t even hear the music any more, but regardless the words in every song that gets played seeps deep into their consciousness. So you got alcohol abusers listening to alcohol abuse anthems. Well let the dreamers in the room hear a dreamer’s anthem. Let this song play for the ones that just came out to dance or to look cute and pose but refuse to waste their night away only focusing on getting drunk. Let the people with standards so high that they have never had a sip of alcohol listen to this anthem. If they never drink or get drunk, they don’t want to listen to songs about getting drunk in the club if they are the only ones that can two step with their eyes open. As a top motivational speaker in the club with a gangster I realized, that sometimes the people that have the most fun in the club are the designated drivers. This song will teach the children of tomorrow’s children’s children how to be designated dreamers. Just like we are all encouraged to have a person that is designated as the driver because everybody else is planning on altering their brain so much it would not be safe for them to drive. As the children of the future grow up they must look at themselves and decide to be a designated dreamer. The people around them might be engaging in activities that make them loose their mind, but if you’re a designated dreamer you know for sure that you will arrive at the destination of your destiny. Just like the designated driver is guaranteed to get every body home safely. The future fathers and mothers of yesterday will surely succeed if they decide at an early age to be a designated dreamer, and this opening line will build the foundation for them to do that. When a child says I got a dream dream no I didn’t say a drink but don’t let the party stop just because a playa thinks. The child starts learning early that the substance of their imagination is more important than the substances that are in their baby bottles. The babies won’t know that I’m talking about alcohol because they never even took a sip of alcohol. Their minds don’t think about bottles of hennesey or grey goose. They think about the bottles that their parents use to feed them their drinks that have healthy things inside of them. No good parent would ever substitute a bottle of milk with a bottle of Malibu. So kids would grow up thinking I’m talking about their baby bottles. Because I am! This way children start learning about the power of their mind when it is in its most raw form. When every kid grows up singing I got a dream dream no I didn’t say a drink they will subconsciously be programming themselves to become designated dreamers. Before they ever learn what a designated driver is. How do we know that this one statement alone is subconsciously programming our future generations to become designated dreamers? We know because it only takes a sip. When the conscious mind and the subconscious mind join together and focus on something, they both instantly begin to attract whatever its focused on, now because the conscious and subconscious minds are receiving the same radio frequency of positive energy these next generations of babies will grow up truly being designated dreamers. Designate is a verb meaning to give somebody a formal description or name. It also means to choose something for a particular purpose. Another definition is to name some body to position. Another definition is to mark or indicate something. The word designate as an adjective means, chosen for future post, or chosen for a particular position, while not yet actually in office. The first definition of dreamer says some body who day dreams. Another definition is somebody who is absorbed by fantasies or unrealistic plans. We want the grandchildren of tomorrow’s grandchildren to think about their dreams in the day time, not just at night. They will get an early start when they grow up listening to a song called Live Your Dreams. That way they grow up knowing that the only way to see your dream come true is by living it. Most children today grow up learning that you can only dream while sleeping. No child is taught how to live their dream. Not unless they read my dads book called Live Your Dreams. This book was the title of my dad’s first book in 1994. Because I grew up watching him as a child I chose to live my dream. My dream was to become the first motivational speaker to enter the Hip Hop industry. And since my dad was the number one motivational speaker I knew the least I could do was become the world’s number one emcee. So when this song comes on you are literally listening to me live my dream while teaching the great grand sons and daughters about how to live their dream. Because I say Live your Dreams in the beginning of the song and since the deejays will announce the song as live your dreams and the parents and friends must use those words whenever they mention anything about the song. The babies will grow up with Live Your Dreams constantly being put into their conscious minds and since I am a person living my dream their subconscious mind can sense it as well. High Hopes have been recorded into the tracks at the studio and the frequencies will be blasted into the baby’s subconscious mind which embraces all things. Just like babies suck on their mother’s nipple, the parents of the future parents will be subconsciously sucking on motivational principals. Subconsciously the baby knows that the breast is what it can count on for happiness when it becomes hungry. Subconsciously the baby knows how to position its mouth around the nipple and suck until milk comes out. The baby does not call it milk but the baby knows what it is. The baby does not ask questions about the nipple or breast but it knows subconsciously after consciously being taught by his mother. The mother has to consciously put her baby in a position for her baby’s subconscious mind to take over. Consciously the baby does not know that it is called milk but the mother will tell the babies newly formed conscious mind every time the baby gets ready to drink. In that same way babies will be sucking on motivational principals. The first principal they will be sucking on is called Designated dreamer. Just in the opening lines the grand daughters of our future grand daughters are already being taught subconsciously to fix their mouths and say I got a dream dream no I didn’t say a drink. Just like the substance that comes from a mothers breast isn’t truly milk that’s just the name we use to define it. These words are not just rhymes. That is just the title that adults give to it before they really listen to what the words are saying. The baby’s subconscious mind does not even have to know what the words are called consciously in order for it to penetrate because the subconscious mind knows how to suck the truth out of the frequencies that it tunes in to. The beat becomes the breast and the words transform into milk the moment the children of the grandchildren of tomorrow hear the opening lines. The Encarta encyclopedia defines breast feeding as the process of feeding a new born milk directly from the breast. Milk from human females provides all the nutrients that a baby needs as well as substances that promote growth and help fight infection. Once our great nieces and grand nephews get fed this designated dreamer principal in their subconscious mind plus the words I got a dream dream no I didn’t say a drink in their conscious mind. The baby then gets all the nutrients they need for their dream as well as substances that promote growth that helps their dreams avoid infection.

Breast feeding Designated Dreamers

How do we know that the subconscious mind is being programmed to become a designated dreamer just in this opening line well let’s take a look at what composes the raw material of breast milk. What words can we use to describe what breast milk is made of truly. Most mothers can only tell you consciously that milk is milk. But a mother does not have to know what the milk is composed of in order to feed her baby. Subconsciously she already knows what the substance of the milk is made of because it is her higher consciousness that produces that substance. Higher Consciousness is the creator of breast milk not the actual breast. During a woman’s pregnancy the female body goes through hormonal changes. No one can consciously point out your hormonal change because that is something that happens on Gods time, however most people can see the conscious change in the size of the breast as the hormonal change takes place. The female body changes while she consciously reminds herself that the change is happening because of the hormones. The subconscious mind taught the conscious mind that this process is harmonious and the Higher consciousness came into the same agreement. If you can see the God in the mothers milk as she feeds its baby. Even though you might not ever actually see a mother’s milk while she’s feeding that baby, you know its there. Because your Higher consciousness knows its there, you never have to go up to a mother and check her nipple and make sure that it is producing milk, if the baby is sucking on a breast nipple your conscious mind will tell your subconscious mind to look away so that you are not staring at a woman’s breast. Everybody loves to look at breast with their conscious mind. But we know consciously that staring at a woman while she’s breast feeding is not appropriate. We can look at women breast feed their own pockets by doing television shows and movies. They can breast feed the families of so many who work in the publishing profession or the stripper profession. The women of our community breast fed a whole generation when they showed up in so many of yesterday’s music videos, porno’s, billboards, posters, calendars, t-shirts, cartoons, etc and numerous other products that are solely made because of the size of a woman’s breast. We can’t help but to look at breast because our subconscious mind knows that the breast is where we can acquire happiness from when we become hungry. The subconscious mind learned that as a baby and even though we go from toddlers to scholars we still cannot get past our fascination with women’s breast. Why is that? Remember the first motivational principal of this rhyme, it only takes a sip. Thank you God for revealing this truth to me. Because I had faith in my God I knew that I could put motivational principals in Hip Hop form and there I found myself getting drunk in the club. My conscious mind was not drunk because I was the designated dreamer. I visualized myself giving a motivational speech if I took the stage and gave a spoke right after I finished my corona. I was envisioning this even before I took a sip.

I would go to the DJ and tell him that I was the top youth speaker in the world and I’ve got a message for the club that will motivate everybody who is really serious about living their dream, despite the fact that the music is loud and the lights are low and people are talking and having fun. By the time they get done hearing me speak they’ll have more fun than they’re having now and their lives will be safer. All the dreamers in the room would love that. The DJ then asked me what was I going to talk about? I hesitated and I told him that I would only tell them a quick story about their future. He told me to make it short and sweet else the people in the club might take my life in the streets. I thought about one of Winston Churchills quotes when he said, make it short and sweet then take your seat. Here I was, the son of the top motivational speaker in the world. I was inside the club with the top hustler in the city and before I could even sip on one of the drinks that were given to me, I was already sipping on one of the dreams my dad gave me in the crib. Because I grew up looking and listening to my dad change the world. I knew that I was the only person in the club with that mentality. My homie pointed out every body in the club. He pointed them out with out using his fingers because everybody pointed at him. He was the number one Hood Star in the city. Walking in the club with him at 21 was just as big as me walking into Bishop T.D. Jakes’ Manpower conference with my dad at 16. Even though the club was called the Hustler, the club owner and the people in the club kept the spot light on my friend because he truly had the reputation of hustling. When Nappy was 16 he wasn’t going anywhere with his dad, as a matter of fact he did not even know his dad at all. He knew that his dad had been a hustler, because his dad sat him down when he was a little kid and told him this: “Listen lil man, there’s two types of people in this world, there’s squares and hustlers. The hustlers live in the under world, that’s where you were born, that is where you must learn how to survive.”

I had never even heard of a place called the underworld until I met Nappy, however I knew that with my upbringing I was the exact definition of what his father would consider a square. I was a square because I never once thought about what I would have to do in order to survive. My only thought growing up was what will I do in order to better serve. Nappy’s elder’s made him hide drugs in his big wheal, I remember putting batman stickers on my big wheal and saying “Batman and Robin aren’t real life super heroes, wait until the world see’s Les Brown and John-Leslie Brown”. Even though I was a baby while Nappy was shooting off his first gun, we were friends and he gave me my passport to the underworld. When I say: Don’t let the party stop just because a playa thinks. I’m letting everyone know that I’m speaking to the underworld.

In Corporate America, which is the field that my speaking experience comes from. We don’t refer to ourselves as playa’s. As a motivational speaker the only adjective that I ever used to describe myself was ‘a child of God’. If I were to say I got a dream. Dream! No I didn’t say a drink but don’t let the party stop just because a child of God thinks. No one that I ever met while I was in the underworld would listen to it. In the underworld you don’t see any children of God. You see children of female dogs. A lot of people who don’t have their underworld passport might interpret this as a negative assessment. Fortunately, negativity only exists in the conscious mind. Every scientist, teacher, professor, psychologist, metaphysician, emcee, scholar, or well read person knows that in the subconscious and in higher consciousness, negativity is a beautiful thing. This is because negativity is the fiber that gives positive its power. How can anyone call themselves a child of God if the parents that they come from on earth consider themselves children of the struggle. Gods children should never have to struggle, and if for some reason a few of Gods children were struggling unnecessarily, surely the child’s brothers and sisters would remind the child that struggling is unnecessary because daddy is God.

If Daddy is God and daddy on earth is not around, then people talk about daddy like he’s a dog. And if daddy is a dog and mommy loved daddy, then she must be a female dog. When I say dog, I just mean a backwards God. If you met with God one day and suddenly learned that he had no powers, you could change his name from God to dog in your conscious mind, just so you don’t find yourself crying to him for help. Subconsciously you would still know that God is God and God doesn’t need to have powers in order to be God, however in the Underworld a powerless God is not much of a God at all. In the underworld every family plays the role of the underdog therefore they begin to see themselves as dogs in the struggle to stay alive. I know for sure in my conscious mind that being alive is staying alive, and you don’t need anything besides God to do that. Fortunately my God is so mighty that that there is more than one way to view things. Even one person can have as many different views on a topic as a nation has different window views from their terraces. After receiving my passport to the underworld and shaving off some of my square ball tendencies, I now consider myself a child of God, and a playa who thinks. Just like these athletes play sports, and with the same intensity that a pimp plays with the mind of his women. I’m a different type of playa, my main focus is not to score on the field or in between the sheets. One things for sure when it comes to putting motivational principals in Hip Hop form, I’m the biggest playa the world has ever seen. In the first 6 bars I’m subconsciously teaching people to become designated dreamers whether they are hanging on the monkey bars or looking like a monkey sitting behind bars. What type of playa could put those words together just to disguise the never before heard motivational principal it only takes a sip?

It only takes a sip. The substance within you is so strong, it will provide all of the proof you need in order to realize that you are worthy of living your dream. It only takes a sip. Instead of swallowing all of your pride why don’t you take a sip of your higher self. Take a sip, you don’t have to quit your job or divorce your bad habits, you don’t even have to stop killing people and robbing our community of its natural recourse of happiness. But the least that you could do is take a sip. I know you’ve had more than a sip of hennessey and coke, but once you choose your dream you don’t even have to drink it all it only takes a sip, to find happiness. It only takes a sip of your imagination in order for you to get pissy drunk off of your dream. And if for some reason you do sip your dream from the marvelous cup of life and you find yourself dissatisfied with the taste, don’t blame the bartender. The only thing stopping your party is your priority imbalance. Truly something has gone wrong in your mind if you think that beer taste better than overcoming fear. Well I know that no fool named bud is wiser than I am. And I am a Hip Hop Intellectual Going Higher Helping Other People Everywhere Soar. Telling you to get your drink on if you want to but when it comes time to close the bottles and open up your beliefs, remember it only takes a sip. When you drink from the bottle that few people even know exist you’ll taste the greatness that’s been inside you since before you were born. The wonderful well of life that all great men and women drink from when they become parched by the aftertaste of failure can never run dry. One might think of all the past and present stories of genuine genius and find that hard to imagine. The wonderful well of life has to run dry sometimes, so many people have shown that they have tasted greatness. So many heroes must keep going back again and again just to revitalize themselves, eventually the well could not hold enough substance as to last all of these generations since the beginning of time without eventually being too low to compensate the overwhelming demand for brilliance and creativity. Well you’re absolutely right. The world has produced so many extraordinary people of all ages if everyone had to drink from the same place in order to live their dream we would have surely passed that limit a long time ago. However in order to live your dream it only takes a sip if you want to see it come true. And because a sip is the most unselfish amount that anyone could ever consume, all of our great heroes and sheroes left much more available for the generations after the generations to come because they too new the truth. It was no need to be selfish and waste any more than that which was necessary especially when you know that it only takes a sip. The question then becomes, what are you sipping on?

The wonderful well of life is still full because most people are only willing to drink what they find in the stores around them. They have never been told about the luxury storage that has been housed in their subconscious and higher consciousness. Therefore they find themselves still paying to sip on gin and juice even though they can build wealth by simply sipping on the juice from the fruits that God has put inside them. If all of these companies could make different types of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages that taste good, what do the talents taste like that God put inside you as you pour yourself into the world around you. As you decide to follow through with this principal and start getting drunk off of your dreams people might question you constantly. I know exactly what to say to your friends when you shift from a designated driver to a designated dreamer, they can get drunk all they want to. You’ve got to be able to say with power and conviction that I’m a designated dreamer and I’m sipping on my greatness.

I would never roc any diamond that was pink

But will you value my mind

More that you value my mink

Slang is one of the seasonings that makes Hip Hop culture so enjoyable. We’ll say anything as long as we hear some of our friends saying it. Even without knowing the words origins. Everyone knows that people don’t care what you say or how you say it if you’re are draped in the proper clothes. I guess we could thank rock and roll for this terminology because I don’t wear the clothes that I put on, me and millions of other Hip Hoppa’s all over the world know how to roc the outfits that are in our closets. Seeing as how I know that I’m not from the underworld and that is who I’m addressing, I got to let them know that I’m not soft. I’m not rhyming so that I could go and purchase some diamonds unlike so many of the rappers we hear about today. The jams that you will hear from me will not be sold for the purpose of jewelry. Now this might sound good to some adults however this is a very controversial statement to be putting in the beginning of a song. So many rappers have dedicated entire albums to glorifying material wealth. A man can wear a pink diamond ring and a purple platinum chain to match and get more respect than Elvis in his prime. Diamonds are not the focus of my songs and they never will be. Rappers that have what I call a priority imbalance might be able to make 20 albums about their wealth but this song is called live your dreams. My dream is that we give birth to a new generation of children that will not judge a rapper’s skills by the size of their chain. So I pose the question that every philosopher asks the sky at least a thousand times a day, “Will you value my mind more than you value my mink?” If I don’t brag about my fashion will you still listen to my music? As a teenager I remember speaking in a room full of adults, sweat poring from my smiling face, projecting these words with a loud voice “We as a youth will never make it anywhere if we focus more on our fashions than we do on our futures”. Unfortunately that quote of mine would only be applauded when parents were in the audience. Having spoken in so many school’s and community events it seemed as if most young adults disagreed with me. In their world fashion was at the top of their list and here I was a teenager in a custom made suit. Of course I knew nothing about fashion. It seemed like most teens feel like shopping for clothes and games was way more important than searching for quotes that could help them gain an edge on children around the world when a good education is hard to find. The best part about my rhymes are the motivational principals that are disguised inside of them.

My mind is worth more than all the coats or diamonds that money can buy. Unfortunately we have people in this world that will kill you if they see you wearing something expensive. This is absurd because every great material object is first developed from the depths of our mind power. A fir coat can never be more valuable than a fresh idea. Our children will grow up asking their friends and their community that question. Will you value my mind more than you value my mink? Hopefully the answer will be yes. If the answer is yes, we will begin to see more smiles on mother’s faces instead of tears. Tears that never dry up because they flow with the blood that has been left behind due to the violence that under educated young adults subscribe to, when they see someone rocking an out fit that they are not able to afford. The second motivational principal in the Live your Dreams concept after it only takes a sip is this:

Rhyme power can never defeat Mind power.

It appears to me that in Hip Hop many people like your music if you have a unique voice style or a unique production team. But outside of Hip Hop this truth remains,