The Baddest Bitch in the Radio Hall of Fame Provides Lip Service & Life Service

After hosting the SXSW with special guest R & B SEX SLAVE Lizzo, being inducted to the Radio Hall of Fame, & starting her own digital tech agency called Lip Service, Angela Yee is quickly becoming the Wendy Williams of Entrepreneurship.

if Charlamagne is tha God, DJ Envy is the Grimm Reaper and Angela Yee is the Nicole Bitchie aka Queen La of Hip Hop. Rumor is she was J Lo's bridesmaid and threw a kick ass party for Bennifer Lopez in their secret elopement during the 2022 Superbowl in Inglewood Ca. Turns out a secret talent of hers is bartending. If you've never had a Bloody Mary from Angela Yee, you're probably not saved.

She's scheduled to be Hip Hops next biz billionaire by quarter 4 of 2023. Between the net worth of the three hosts of The Breakfast Club currently sits at $600 million between their various investment portfolios and multiple streams of income. Everyone on Wall Street is betting on which one of The Breakfast Club hustlers will cross the Bloomberg finish line first. Bill Gates put up 3 billion on Angela Yee. Elon Musk is in for a solid 1.5 billion on DJ Envy and a solid 2 billion on Angela Yee. Richard Branson and Charlamagne tha God go back and he put a solid 6 billon on Charlamagne. The winner of the bet gets preferred shares of founders' stock pre IPO $20M.